Big Initiative Earns Nico a Promotion

When it comes to accomplishment, there’s always something to celebrate around Elite Dynamics. We applaud goals attained, initiatives launched, and people promoted. For instance, we recently acknowledged Nico for his advancement to a campaign manager role.

Kaylie, the President of Elite Dynamics, says, “Nico grabs everything by the horns and knows how to take charge with every project. He has a great teacher and student mentality, and is a good role model for the whole office.”

There are many factors that spark progress, but recognition is certainly at the top of the list. These are the steps we take to ensure that our praise of each other is effective:

• It’s Timely: The sooner feedback is provided after a given behavior, the better. When a team member is already feeling good about his or her achievement, some open appreciation will further enhance the person’s confidence.

• It’s Specific: Simply saying, “Good job” is nice, but it doesn’t indicate exactly what action was executed well. It’s far more powerful to explain, “You surpassed your sales goals by 20 percent this quarter. Your improved customer service skills surely contributed to this success!”

• It’s Consistent: By regularly acknowledging work well done, leaders leave no questions about their expectations. People know exactly what to do to do well and create impact.

We expect great things from Nico, and from the rest of our colleagues.

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