On-the-Job Lessons Worth Learning

There’s a lot to learn in the classroom, but it doesn’t compare to the hands-on experience gained in the office every day. Learning is a central value of Elite Dynamics, so we’re always on the lookout for insights that will spur our development. Sometimes they come from other influential people in business.

For instance, the founder and CEO of TreeHouse, Ryan Carson, reminds us to seek emotional fulfillment. He says, “I got a minimum wage job in a windowless chemistry lab where I had to wear a full-body protection suit and clean glass beakers with acid. It was mind-numbingly boring… The most important thing I learned was an appreciation for any job that would be fulfilling emotionally. I really wanted a job that had direct positive impact on people’s lives and without that, I couldn’t be happy.”

Maximizing impact is a fundamental aspect of Elite Dynamics’ success. Mike McDerment, the cofounder and CEO of FreshBooks, understands the importance of this concept as well. He indicates, “During high school, I spent my summers as a camp counselor taking a bunch of kids on canoe trips, some as long as 40 days. I learned a lot about teamwork and making the most of limited resources – only so much can fit into a backpack, and a lot can go wrong when you’re out in the backwoods for weeks at a time. I also learned a lot about perseverance and hard work – there are no shortcuts on great journeys.”

We bring these lessons to the office on a daily basis.

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