Translating Online Connections Into Meaningful Contacts

Networking is a core component of the Elite Dynamics success strategy. We know the best connections are nurtured in person, and we also realize the power of online interaction to get acquainted and arrange face-to-face meetings. LinkedIn, for example, is an ideal platform for professional relationship building.

No matter what apps we use, our Elite Dynamics training has taught us to be purposeful and realistic when it comes to networking on the internet. We may not be able to personally meet all our contacts, but we can identify those with whom we can trade the most value, then schedule lunches and coffee dates with them.

We’ve also learned that the transition from social media to direct interaction can be gradual. We may take our discussions to email for a while. Then we may move on to phone calls and text messages. As the connections develop, in-person meetings seem like natural next steps.

Of course, distance can certainly get in the way of face-to-face contact. We don’t let it get the best of us, however. We jump on every chance to attend conferences and industry events all over the world. Whenever we visit a new city, we determine whether any of our contacts live nearby (or whether they’re attending the same gatherings). Then we arrange our get-togethers!

We make all available networking options work for us. Like Elite Dynamics on [Facebook] for more relationship-building details.