Try These Tips for Giving Presentations

Speech-giving is commonly regarded as a harrowing experience, but that need not be the case. With the right tools and ample preparation, any public speaking engagement has potential for success. We do a lot of presenting for our campaigns, so the Elite Dynamics training program equips us with the following best practices:

• Greet People as They Arrive: We’ve made it common practice to show up early at the venues where we will speak. Once we’ve checked the temperature, lighting, and technical equipment, we greet our audience members upon arrival. By the time our presentations begin, we’ve already built some rapport.

• Choose Words Carefully: We want to make our messages clear. That’s why we avoid jargon and flowery words. By keeping things concrete, simple, and specific, the information is easier to internalize. Creating compelling narratives is part of Elite Dynamics life, so we know stories are powerful and include them in our speeches as well.

• Use Body Language and Silence: Gestures, posture, tone, and even pauses add depth and meaning to presentations too. We use our hands to express ourselves, while standing tall and making eye contact with our listeners. We also use tone to convey emotion and brief moments of silence to emphasize our points.

Use these strategies to ace your next presentation, and follow Elite Dynamics on [Twitter] to get more insights into successful speech-giving.