What Jobseekers Need to Ask About

Making a lasting positive impression is the mission of every person who interviews for a job. When we evaluate potential additions to Team Elite Dynamics, few things impress us more than the right kinds of questions. Here are the main topics we want interviewees to ask about during interviews:

• Developmental Programs: We focus on constant improvement as a core Elite Dynamics principle, so we want to find candidates who believe in it as well. If a potential hire is interested in how we enable ongoing growth, we know we’ve found a strong cultural fit.

• Future Challenges: It’s also intriguing when potential additions to our team inquire about changes and challenges our company will face in the near future. This is a good sign that an interviewee wants to make an impact right off the bat. It also shows that a person is ready to apply his or her unique talents in ways that help our company flourish.

• How Success Is Measured: We’re impressed when candidates want to know what skills will be needed to succeed with our firm, but asking how success will be measured is even more appealing to us. This question displays a genuine interest in our approach and overall work culture.

We listen for these types of questions every time we interview for an opening within our company. Follow Elite Dynamics on Twitter for more of our insights into effective evaluation of potential hires.